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Empowered Women gives voice to a bold new generation of American women. We are a positive, proactive platform that fosters achievement in leadership and civic engagement. Our Founders envisioned a great nation built on representative democracy and liberty and justice for all. At Empowered Women, we seek to fulfill that vision, building on the courage of the women who came before us and fought for the freedom and opportunities we enjoy today.   

Through media, networking, education and training, we identify emerging leaders and provide the resources to promote them into civic life. Bi-monthly events, an annual invite-only retreat and continual research and partnerships results in dozens of our members serving in politics and government at the highest levels as well as running for office themselves.

We invite women to sign our manifesto and share their story of what being empowered means to them.  By doing so, we are building a powerful network of diverse, dynamic women who learn from and support one another in realizing their full service potential. The women in our network inspire us daily and offer hope for the future; a future where we respect our Founders’ vision and human dignity for all.

For our members, success is more than achieving a title or an office. It means applying your power—talents, relationships and ingenuity—to solve problems and serve others. In the civic sphere, that is needed as much today as ever.

At Empowered Women, we have fresh ideas, powerful mentors and a bold vision for disrupting the current political landscape. Together, we lead in government, in our communities and in our businesses, and inspire others to do the same.

Empowered Women is a national non-profit founded in 2015 by Mindy Finn, a well-known political and media strategist in Washington, D.C.

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