7 Ways Fitness Empowers Women

Blog / Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whenever I ask women who don’t work out regularly what’s stopping them, the response I receive 100% of the time is the same: They don’t have enough time.

It’s the age old excuse and it’s holding us back from being our very best selves.

What woman doesn’t want to walk out her door each morning feeling empowered, confident, and ready to tackle the day?

Even the smallest amount of exercise can produce a lasting endorphin buzz that can power you through a hectic morning with the kids, an important meeting, a mind-bending project, and the most over-scheduled Monday morning.

Here are a few ways fitness can make YOU a more empowered woman in every part of your life:

  1. Discipline & time management. You have to put this into practice if you are a busy woman scheduling work outs around meetings and other commitments. You know the saying something is better than nothing? That’s actually true. So even if you have a conflict that keeps you from your favorite spin class, you can still carve out 20 minutes of HIIT before bed.

  2. Inspiration for new ideas. I guarantee you’ll have 10 new ideas about your most stressful work project or a solution to a major problem by the end of a run, spin class, or circuit session. Exercise gets your mind working—and there’s always a positive result.

  3. Endorphins for a good mood. You’ve heard it before: you’ll never regret a workout… and mostly because you come away in a much better mood than when you started. Being high on endorphins means productivity, creativity, and positivity. You cannot buy that in a pill or drink it from any bottle.

  4. Accomplishing new goals. You can work everyday and accomplish your daily life tasks but without bigger goals in mind, it’s hard to feel truly fulfilled. Fitness goals are some of the most empowering you can make—whether it’s running a 10k, beating your time, completing a pull-up or learning something new. You’ll be amazed at how awesome it makes you feel.

  5. Feeling invincible. Speaking of accomplishing those goals: You’ll feel invincible and full of confidence. Want to feel proud of yourself? This is one surefire way to do so—and that confidence transfers into every area of your life. If you just reached a major fitness milestone there’s no way you’ll walk into a board room with your shoulders slumped.

  6. A healthier body & mind. While most people work out to lose weight or maintain, that’s really just a great side effect. With your confidence, endorphins, and inspiration already in check, you’ll also get the added benefit of a healthy body… and that makes everything in life better—now and down the road.

  7. Learning to Adapt. When you make time for fitness, you realize you can arrange your life around this priority. You’ll also realize you can’t afford NOT to stay healthy because when you do, everything else just works better. You’ll get four times more done in less time because you feel so energized, inspired and motivated.

I often read about successful women—powerful CEO’s or government officials—and consistently find that they make exercise a priority in their lives. For example, Condoleezza Rice wrote in her book that she was up early (Read: Before 5am!) to get a workout in before her day started. I’m pretty sure she was an extremely busy woman, but this was important to her.

I’m confident there’s a connection between women who feel empowered and women who make fitness a priority in their lives. Do you agree?

Do you think fitness is empowering?

YES—I know I can tackle anything… figuratively AND literally!
No, I’m empowered regardless of my gym time.
I’m not sure!

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Ericka Andersen Sylvester is the Digital Director at National Review. She’s also a certified personal trainer and healthy living blogger at The Sweet Life who loves staying fit, healthy, and positive. 

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