The Recap: Hacking the New Economy

Blog / Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank you for tuning into Hacking the New Economy–in person and online. Several of you have shared that you left more inspired, informed and well-networked. Mission accomplished!

In case you missed part of the discussion, check out the video here.

Please continue to share feedback and ideas. We will expand our women and the new economy program in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, here are a few highlights from Tuesday:

The Problem Solvers: Quotes to Remember

From left to right: Justin Field VP, National Venture Capital Association; Suzanne Clark, EVP, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Mindy Finn, President & Founder, Empowered Women; Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President, American Action Forum; Neil Bradley, Chief Strategist, Conservative Reform Network

On benefits and paid leave: “We have to not base solutions for workers based on how the economy worked in the past but how it works now.” – Justin Field, VP, National Venture Capital Association  

On how women can help themselves get more venture funding: “When I was getting funding for my company I tended to talk about the flaws in my company first, something that a lot of women do. It was more likely that a man would show up with some swagger. You have to tell people that you’re looking for funding and make those connections. And when you come in, you have to know your numbers, know your projections, know what they are looking for and present that way.” – Suzanne Clark, EVP, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

On empowering individuals at work: “The regulators and legislators ought to respect the intelligence of these workers to make the best decisions for themselves.” – Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President, American Action Forum

“There are no free fixes, whether it’s a minimum wage increase or paid leave – there is a cost. The unseen costs are the 7 million people who didn’t get a job because of a minimum wage increase. The unseen cost is the working mom who didn’t get a raise this year because of a government mandated benefit that’s not as good of a benefit as the pay raise would have been.” – Neil Bradley, Chief Strategist, Conservative Reform Network

On higher ed and student loan debt: “The traditional four year college path is not what’s right for everyone… The point of education isn’t just to nurture your mind, but to get you access to a career. It should be one that is fulfilling and one that you enjoy. But the point isn’t to go to a four year liberal arts institution and have fun with your friends. We need to give access to alternative models.” – Lori Sanders, Outreach Director & Senior Fellow, R Street Institute

The Role Models: Big Takeaways

From left to right: Teresa H. Carlson, Worldwide VP, Amazon Web Services; Diane Tomb, former President, National Association of Women Business Owners; Caren Merrick, co-founder of WebMethods and CEO of Pocket Mentor

  • Don’t sell yourself short when going in to ask for funding. It takes the same energy to ask for the big bucks as it does the small ones – so go big!
  • Technology has made it easier than ever for anyone to start their own business.
  • Knowing your strengths is a key component to success. No matter where you are in your career, take the Strengths Finder assessment to find out yours.
  • Multi-generational teams and leaders can learn from each other. You’re never too old to learn and older colleagues may know an important thing or two you haven’t learned yet.

Key Notes from Our Keynote
Julia Hartz, Co-founder & President, Eventbrite

From left to right: Julia Hartz, Co-founder & President, Eventbrite

  • Everyone learns in different ways and for some people school doesn’t suit them. There’s nothing wrong with learning by doing when it’s the most effective way for you.
  • Company culture should evolve and reflect the people in the company, not be preserved like a bug in amber.
  • When creating a culture, instead of work-life balance, focus on, “How do we create a company that honors the whole person?”
  • Complementary personality traits and skillsets can help make a team stronger. Diverse viewpoints lead to richer idea generation and can help spot and mitigate trouble down the road.

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