Our Manifesto

“We are empowered. We are individuals who think and speak for ourselves.

“We aspire to live a fulfilled life, whatever that means to each of us, and we support women who make different choices than the ones we make.

“We lead in all areas of life, and we want to see more women leading in industries such as politics, business, science, media, technology and more.

“As we succeed, we lift up those around us. Women are powerful mentors.

“We applaud efforts to make it easier for us to manage work and family but know the answer isn’t one-size-fits-all policies that limit choice and flexibility.

“We deserve and expect to be paid fairly. No woman should be paid less simply for being a woman.

“We appreciate those who came before us and fought for the freedom and flexibility we enjoy today.

“We know that women are not always treated respectfully and fairly, but not all men are sexists. Strong men appreciate strong women and we’re stronger together.

“We are thoughtful, intelligent and vote knowing that all issues are women’s issues.

“We embrace innovation. We value ideas that allow us the opportunity to start and run a successful venture of any size.

“We have no tolerance for violence against women. Those who victimize and endanger women should be prosecuted under full accordance of the law.

“We are proud to live in a prosperous, free country and stand with women across the globe in defending human rights.

“We are compassionate, assertive, enterprising, adventurous, confident and patriotic, and we are empowered.”

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